We advocate for community diversity, collaborative participation, and affirmative spaces especially for women and under-represented communities.

Cheers to the ladies! 😉

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For our latest workshop, we will provide an introduction to how drones are used in geospatial aerial surveys. Apply for a slot below.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, only 8% of licensed drone pilots are women. With this, please note that women applicants will be prioritized to generate interest from an under-represented sector, in which our group would like to focus on.
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Our Core Team


One of Jen's advocacies is mapping breastfeeding stations in the Philippines to help fellow wives and mommies.



Andi advocates for mapping mental health resources and services and promoting mental health aWHEREness to fight the stigma on it.



Drone expert!



Artist mapper



Nalie is an advocate for Sustainable Living and she maps for work and voluntarily.



Disaster Response Mapper


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