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GeoladiesPH: Projects, Workshops, & Activities

See details below for each project or email us at geoladiesph@gmail.com

As part of our initiatives, we aim to generate interest from other ladies to join and represent our co-geoladies and other women in different fields in workshops, activities, and conferences that highlight women's participation.

DRONE't You Wish Your Girl friend Could Fly Like Me?

Drone-flying Workshop

Main Resource Person: Ms. Leigh Lunas

A workshop and introduction to how drones are used in geospatial aerial surveys. According to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, only 8% of licensed drone pilots are women. With this, women applicants are prioritized to generate interest from an under-represented sector in this field.


September 14, 2019; 9:00AM


Some reminders to the participants

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for a care-free drone flying session. You may also need sunglasses, cap, water bottle, sunscreen, and insect repellent. 😄

The lecture part of the workshop shall be at Room 215 of NIGS. Then we will go to an open-field for the drone-flying activity! Please check your emails or contact us should you have further concerns.


09/14/19, Room 215, National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS)
  • 09:00AM - Registration/Geoladies Introduction
  • 09:30AM - Flying Responsibly! Introduction to Using Drones in the Philippines and for Mapping
  • 10:00AM - Drone Flying Session
  • 11:00AM - Lightning Intros other GeoladiesPH Projects: Mental Health aWHEREness
  • 11:05AM - Lightning Intros other GeoladiesPH Projects: OpenStreetMap Project with TELUS Communications
  • 11:10AM - Post-processing Using OAM
  • 11:40AM - Questions, Discussions, Evaluations
  • 12:00PM - Lunch! (Open invite to lunch-out with everyone!)
  • Please help us evaluate this activity to improve future ones!

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Workshop 2




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Mental Health aWHEREness

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